Jan 4, 2019

    Right in time for the New Year, we are starting 2019 off with five new flavors to add to our lineup! 

    Say hello to your newest obsessions — Scotch a Roo, Cookie Dough with M&Ms, Triple Chocolate, Monster Cookie & Unicorn! 

    Scotch a Roo combines butterscotch ice cream with chocolate-coated crispies and a luscious caramel ribbon. This will have your taste buds jumping for joy!  

    We decided to mix delicious M&Ms together with our popular cookie dough ice cream into a mouthwatering combination that is perfect for any occasion. 

    Chocolate lovers will rejoice with our new Triple Chocolate!

    This is sure to tempt anyone to cheat on their New Year’s Resolutions (sorry for that). We took…

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