Candy Cane Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Submitted by Ruggles on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 9:00am

    Ruggles ice cream sandwiches have been a popular novelty for years. But the best part about this classic treat is the ability to customize it seasonally! 

    As winter approaches, one way to decorate an ice cream sandwich is with candy canes. 

    One easy way to crush a candy cane is to put several candy canes into a freezer bag that seals completely. Put the freezer bag into a plastic bag and lay this on a cutting board. Take a rolling pin to bash the candy canes to pieces. (Some pieces of candy cane may cut through the freezer bag, but should be contained in the plastic bag.)  

    Now, you can easily sprinkle the candy cane pieces onto the exposed vanilla ice cream all around the ice cream sandwiches.

    The crushed candy cane bits should stick perfectly to the ice cream sandwich, and any leftover pieces can be reused to make as many winter sandwiches as you need.