Cool off with a Ruggles Sherbet Float!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Thu, 04/12/2018 - 9:00am

    It may be hard to believe, but summer is right around the corner. And when the temperatures start to rise and we spend more time outdoors, naturally we need ways to cool down.


    So try something new when you need a refreshing beverage — a float made with Ruggles sherbet flavors!


    Sherbet floats are refreshing, light, cool beverages perfectly made for the summer season.


    And making them couldn’t be easier!


    Utilizing one of Ruggles four sherbet flavors — lemon-lime, orange, rainbow, and raspberry — simply mix with your preference of either ginger ale or 7-Up.


    Simply pour your beverage of choice over the sherbet (add a fun straw for extra character) and serve up this easy-to-make dessert beverage for any number of people… or just a bunch of sherbet floats for yourself! We won’t judge.


    A sherbet float can be the perfect refreshment while sitting on the front porch, during a picnic, or can even add some excitement to a party or gathering.


    So the next time you find yourself wandering the grocery store’s ice cream aisle, pick up some of Ruggles sherbet and mix up your desserts this summer.


    Ruggles doesn’t just make the best ice cream in Ohio, we make the best sherbet too!