Create your own Unicorn Horn!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Fri, 04/05/2019 - 9:00am

    If you can’t tell, we love creating new and exciting ways to eat our ice cream. We love it almost as much as creating new flavors of ice cream. 

    By combining these two loves together, we have a new way for you to enjoy our new Unicorn ice cream flavor — the Unicorn Horn!

    The Unicorn Horn is a fun, exciting, and simple way to show off your creative chops.

    But the best part is tasting how delicious your creativity tastes. 

    Start building your Unicorn Horn with our new Unicorn ice cream flavor from Ruggles Ice Cream. Our newest flavor is a combination of smooth, Creamy Raspberry Sour ice cream and our Cotton Candy ice cream. We then blended it together and added purple glittery frosting and purple sprinkles to create the most unique ice cream flavor ever!

    Once you have several gallons of Unicorn ice cream, gather up any and all of the toppings you want. Go wild! Grab all of the icing, sprinkles, candy, and any other toppings you want. Mix it all together. 

    The final piece to the Unicorn Horn is, well, the horn itself. Place your favorite ice cream cone upside down, on top of your creation. 

    Now that your fabulous, one of a kind, Unicorn Horn is complete show it off and enjoy your creativity!