Different Cones for Different Tasting Experiences

    Submitted by Ruggles on Thu, 10/18/2018 - 9:00am

    There’s just something about the ice cream cone. The chance to eat the cold ice cream is soothing and refreshing. The flavor pounces all over your taste buds and the sweetness captivates us from the first bite. 

    But what about those cones? They often are the forgotten workhorses of enjoying ice cream.  

    Let’s start with the different types of cones available. 

    First, there’s the cake cone, commonly referred to as a wafer cone. These cones are your typical light, flaky cones that carry a subtle bit of sweetness to them. The cake cone is the standard-bearer of what we imagine when we think of cones because (when done right) cake cones don’t overtake the flavor of your ice cream. 

    Next are waffle cones. These cones offer added appearance and texture to your ice cream. But waffle cones blend cake and pastry flavors together (often with molasses and/or brown sugar too) in order to provide the optimal sweetness and crunch to your ice cream!

    There’s also sugar cones, which are a sweeter variety of cone when compared to the classic cake cone. These cones are generally thicker and crunchier than cake cones but are designed to be sturdier in order to prevent easy breakage or spillage.