Don’t Miss Out on The Magic of Our New Flavor--Unicorn!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 9:00am

    In order to develop the most unique and magical ice cream ever created, we looked towards the most majestic creature in myth — the Unicorn!

    Our new Unicorn ice cream is sure to be a hit amongst Ruggles fans!

    Anytime you want to add some flavor and color to your ice cream cone, bowl, or milkshake, the Unicorn will be there to help you reach the heights of your imagination! That’s why we named it after the magical horse which has captivated our imaginations for generations. 

    Unicorn is a mix of smooth and creamy vanilla and raspberry sour ice cream flavors to give you a sweet and sour taste.

    We kept going and threw in loads of purple glittery frosting and sprinkles. Unicorn can brighten up those summertime trips to the ice cream stand or help inspire you when you are stuck at home and looking for a decadent treat!

    Throw in some candy, add your favorite syrup, drop in pretzels, or don’t forget cookies! 

    The Unicorn has captivated our imaginations since childhood, and now it’s time to captivate your taste buds!