Have You Tried Our New Flavors?

    Submitted by Ruggles on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 9:00am
    new flavors

    Ruggles Ice Cream has recently introduced new flavors to make your mouth water and to add even more taste to your ice cream!

    New in 2019 is the Unicorn, Monster Cookie, Triple Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and M&Ms, and Scotch A Roo flavors. 

    Our Unicorn Ice Cream blends Raspberry Sour ice cream combined with Cotton Candy ice cream. We didn’t stop there in trying to make the most unique ice cream flavor around as we then mixed in purple glittery frosting and purple sprinkles.

    Triple Chocolate is a flavor for diehard chocolate lovers.

    This new flavor combines chocolate brownies with rich chocolate brownie pieces and chocolate flakes. It’s an explosion of chocolate flavor in every bite!

    The new Monster Cookie flavor is indeed a true monster flavor. We combined peanut butter ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, oats, and candy-coated chocolates.

    Only true ice cream lovers can handle all of the monster taste we threw into this new flavor. 

    Cookie Dough and M&Ms are a new twist involving a few classic toppings. We dropped delicious M&Ms into our brand of cookie dough ice cream.

    And finally, our Scotch A Roo flavor combines butterscotch ice cream with chocolate coated crispies and caramel ribbons. Your taste buds will jump with joy like a kangaroo for this new flavor!

    Ruggles Ice Cream is ready to dominate the tastebuds of ice cream lovers with this lineup of new flavors! Give them a taste today!