Layered Cookie and Ice Cream Dessert

    Submitted by Ruggles on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 9:00am
    monster cookie

    If you are like us and absolutely love dessert foods, then you are constantly searching for ways to up the ante! So how about a dessert that combines ice cream and cookies together in one easy to eat place? With a layered cookie and ice cream dessert, you can enjoy your favorite sweets all in one place.

    This dessert treat is easy to make, easy to serve, and delicious to enjoy!

    Let’s start with a clear glass container for your treat. Anything that holds ice cream will work but trust us you will enjoy seeing the finished layered product. Regular glassware would work or glass jars of any size are also suitable. 

    Next, get your ingredients prepared. Select your favorite Ruggles Ice Cream flavors and your favorite style of cookies. And make sure you get enough for everyone to enjoy. If these treats are for a birthday party or just a comfortable night at home, you will not want to skimp on the desserts. 

    We recommend you mix our brand new Monster Cookie Ice Cream with chocolate chip cookies and whipped cream. 

    Start off your dessert with a layer of cookies, crumbled into smaller spoon-sized pieces. Add a scoop of the Monster Cookie Ice Cream —a combination of peanut butter cookie ice cream, chunks of cookie dough, oats, and candy-covered chocolate. But don’t stop there!

    Continue alternating layers of cookies with the Monster Cookie ice cream until you top off your glass! 

    A layered cookie and ice cream dessert is perfect for any occasion this summer. So try one out with Ruggles newest flavor — Monster Cookie Ice Cream — for this monstrous treat!