A Novel idea…

    Submitted by Ruggles on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 9:00am

    Ruggles offers much more than cone and bowl worthy Ice Cream. We also offer a full line of products featuring a variety of ice cream bars, popsicles, and Sundae cones. Check them out!


    Novelties are generally known as those single servings of a frozen dessert, often times containing ice cream or fruity flavors.


    Instead of driving to the local ice cream stand, or having to scoop your own, these frozen treats can be kept at home and easily accessible.


    Between the classic ice cream items — such as ice cream sandwiches and bars — Ruggles also carries popsicles (Twin Pops, Red, White and Blue Pops, and Pop-Ups), Vanilla Orange Cream Bars and Crunch Bars.


    Our novelties allow you to get that authentic Ruggles taste & quality, but in a convenient one stop craving controlling package!