This or That! Which flavor combination do you prefer?

    Submitted by Ruggles on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 9:00am

    When it comes to selecting your favorite Ruggles Ice Cream flavor, we understand this is no simple task. We apologize for making this so difficult. But here is a simple way we have to help you. 

    Try turning the problem into a fun game of This or That!

    This or That questions can be a fun conversation starter, round out lunch with coworkers, or be a fun game to play when you are home for the weekend. 

    Similar to playing “Would You Rather,” This or That helps simplify the answers with a single word or item. For instance, ask yourself do you like cats or dogs? The game is simple, but we feel it can be so much more delicious when the choices are from our list of ice cream flavors!

    Incorporate both our current flavors of the best ice cream in Ohio with our list of new flavors.

    Stack up popular or classic brands such as Cookies and Cream against the new Unicorn flavor, Monster Cookie, Cookie Dough with M&Ms, Scotch-A-Roo, or Triple Chocolate! Go to the next level by sampling the flavors first, instead of merely thinking about your favorite Ruggles flavors! The answers might surprise you and you get to eat ice cream!