Pair Your Favorite Ice Cream with a Pastry!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 1:27pm

    People who truly enjoy dessert have been pairing ice cream with other sweet treats to get the most out of their sugary experiences. 

    A new recommendation is pairing your ice cream with a pastry in order to push your taste buds into overdrive!

    Whether you make cream puff pastries, flaky pastries, Danish, tarts, or pies you can always add a dab or scoop of ice cream! The popular fruit or cheese Danish — with a center filled with blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries —But this time add ice cream on top of your pastry for a new look for this dessert. 

    If you are in charge of bringing dessert for family get-togethers or office parties during the holidays, don’t forget the ice cream.

    Imagine if you added a scoop of ice cream to each serving of each Danish!

    Make your pastry the talk of the party by adding a scoop of Ruggles popular ice cream flavors.

    Depending on what fruits are included in your pastry, mix and match the right flavor. Fruit pastries can go best with vanilla or caramel. Bring in some chocolate or Moose Tracks ice cream for a berry based pastry. And don’t forget to experiment with any flavor combinations to bring out the most from your pastry tart!