Recipe Contest!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 9:54am

    We’ve told you some of our favorite ways to eat Ruggles. Now we want to hear from YOU!                

    This month we are starting a Recipe Contest to hear about your favorite ways of eating Ruggles Ice Cream!

    The contest is simple: send us your favorite recipe using Ruggles by direct messaging us through Facebook or Instagram. Include a picture, so everyone can see how tasty your recipe is!

    We will then select our top two favorite recipes, and then post them to our Facebook and website for the chance to vote on your favorite recipe that was sent to us in the contest.

    We may even give the winning recipe a sample in the form of a Ruggles Ice Cream flavor!

    To participate in the contest all you have to do is grab your favorite Ruggles, start adding your desired ingredients, write down the recipe, take a picture, and direct message us the photo and recipe through Facebook or Instagram!

    Keep an eye on our social media, we will be selecting and posting the top two recipes and then open up to the public to vote!

    In the meantime, fine tune your favorite recipes that involve Ruggles, or invent a recipe on the spot, take pictures, then send it in. And you may have the winning recipe!