The Ultimate Unicorn Cone!

    Submitted by Ruggles on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 9:00am

    Spring is finally upon us. But besides signifying the end of snowmen and staying snug inside, springtime means the beginning of eating ice cream and not getting weird looks. 

    This spring is the perfect time to incorporate Ruggles Ice Cream flavors into any activities you have scheduled for your children!

    We recommend starting with a themed birthday party that utilizes one of our newest ice cream varieties — The Unicorn!

    Unicorn flavored ice cream from Ruggles is a mix of smooth and creamy Raspberry Sour and Cotton Candy ice creams. These two flavors are blended together with a batch of purple glittery frosting and purples sprinkles. The Unicorn flavor can turn any event into a one-of-a-kind event for the ages!

    So by using our Unicorn flavor, you can create the perfect Unicorn-themed birthday party for any child or just to create a fun-filled, tasty activity. 

    Try creating the perfect Ultimate Unicorn Ice Cream Cone!

    Start with the Unicorn ice cream and get a variety of your favorite ice cream toppings, candy, or sweet morsel ready for anyone who is participating. Next, grab an ice cream cone for everyone. Lastly, let the decorating begin for the Ultimate Unicorn cone! But don’t take too long before the ice cream starts to melt!

    Let everyone top off their Ultimate Unicorn cone with any unicorn themed toppers or homemade unicorn horns to bring this activity full circle. 

    With Ruggles Ice Cream’s new Unicorn flavor you can create the perfect themed snack for children of any age. Whether it’s a birthday party, activity, or just looking for some time to waste, Ruggles Ice Cream is there to help make this a day you won’t forget.